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I suffered from complexes and insecurities.

I suffered from complexes and insecurities. I also lacked self-control, had no vision in life and was in a dead-end relationship.

I had no vision in life, no goals, no direction. Inner complexes made me very shy of showing off my talents and skills. But when I saw someone else sharing their abilities, I was envious. I didn't have the strength to come out of my comfort zone. On the other side, I had no self-control over how I spoke. I was too straightforward, not thinking if the words I used would hurt others. As for my love life, I was in a relationship at 17. My boyfriend was the centre of my life. In all my plans, I included him because I believed he was the man for me. My family didn't know about our relationship. And all seemed well until one day; I witnessed a change in his character. We used to argue and fight over small things, which led me to become emotional.

At the UCKG, I learned how to use my faith to overcome my problems. I was resistant but tired of my life, so I decided to join in a special purpose to determine the transformation of my life. First, I asked God what He wanted from me to please Him. My prayer request was not for material blessings, but I wanted to have a new life.

I started to receive vision and direction from God. Whenever I had a conversation with others, I noticed a change in my behaviour. I had self-control and would think first before I spoke. I had the love, care and concern for others and their souls. I can see the difference between before and now that I am in the presence of God with the Holy Spirit that dwells within me. All of my complexes are gone. The difference in me reflects from the inside out. Now the Holy Spirit is the centre of my life and my priority. He is the one who filled me with the inner joy and peace that I was longing for.

- Princess Dela Cruz


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