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My marriage was on the rocks because I was a womanizer, gambler and a chain smoker.

I was a chain smoker for more than ten years. Always lacking money, I would get irritable and hurt my son. I was also a womanizer.

I was a chain smoker for more than ten years. I would smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, so I was always short of money. Lacking money made me constantly irritable and upset, so I would often physically hurt my son. I was also a womanizer, which of course, affected my marriage.

At the HelpCentre, I learned how to change my life. With God's help, I was delivered from my addictions. I also worked on my inner self seeking the Holy Spirit for an actual change. As a result, today, I am a faithful husband and kind father.

Our salvation is the Greatest Blessing that we received from God but it didn't stopped there, the flow of blessings continues, Unstoppable! Today my marriage is restored, my son got his permanent residency and finished his Higher Education Degree here in Hong Kong, we are counting 4 houses, 10 hectares of Coconut Plantations and we are in the Copra Business, we have our rice fields and Livestock Farm, we have Insurance and Bank Investments and we recently bought a lot that can be used to build a Gasoline Station in the Philippines.

Since attending the meetings and putting in practice what I learned, I have seen a real difference in my life.

- Edison and Marites Altarejos


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