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Seven days a week

One of our members put it in a nutshell when she said: “The HelpCentre can change your life!” Helping people is what drives us. And yet, we realise that the best, most permanent help we can give anyone is to empower them – when we teach them how to help themselves. This goal underlines everything we do. In practical terms, the heart of our work is the daily meetings we hold at each HelpCentre.

These are short 45-90 minute meetings where we give practical advice and teaching on how to change or improve various aspects of your life. These sessions include prayers for those things that only God can do. Take a look at our schedule of services and read the brief description for each day. Some people may find they need everything listed there, but most will identify one or two days of the week which they need to start attending. To attend, all you need to do is drop in on the day and time of the service.

Appointments are not necessary, though it’s a good idea to first see a pastor so that you can be directed to the meetings that are best for you. Just phone for an appointment or ask to see someone on your first visit.


Helpline: 2827 2525

  • Monday | Prosperity with God
    A prayer and faith-building meeting to offer support around financial issues such as: debts, slow business, court cases, unemployment and money wasting. TIMES: 9am | 11am | 3pm | 9pm
  • Tuesday | Health Day
    See this as a way to promote physical well-being as a complement to your doctor's advice. Receive healing prayers for constant pains, diseases and other health issues. TIMES: 11am | 3pm
  • Wednesday | Faith School
    If you are not growing spiritually, you are dying. Discover new insights from God's Word, making the Bible relevant for today. Feed your spirit, increase your faith and develop your relationship with God. TIMES: 9am | 11am | 3pm | 9pm
  • Thursday | Family & Love Life
    On Thursdays, we have a service designed to assist people in having a blessed family and relationships, showing couples how they can enjoy a lifetime of happiness through intelligent faith. TIMES: 11am | 3pm
  • Friday | Spiritual Cleansing
    All evil needs to prosper is for good people to do nothing. Receive strong prayers with the laying on of hands and determine your deliverance and spiritual protection. TIMES: 9am | 11am | 3pm | 9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday | Empowerment
    Main weekly meeting. Get closer to God, learn how to pray effectively, receive the Spirit of power and strength through faith in the Holy Spirit. Saturday: - 10am - Main Service - 2pm - VYG (Victory Youth Group) - 3pm - Life in Colour (Beat Depression) - 5pm - Bible Study (The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul) - Tagalog Sunday: - 7am (Tagalog) - 9am (English) - 11am - (English) Main Service - 2pm - VYG (Victory Youth Group) - 3pm - Life in Colour (Beat Depression) - 5pm - Bible Study (The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul)
  • Why not make a chain of prayer?
    At the UCKG, we believe that it is important to display a strong faith in God; this is the reason behind our Chain of Prayer purpose. The purpose consists of people attending a prayer meeting for five uninterrupted weeks. The meeting is designed to help people achieve a positive life transformation by using their faith. Those who are in need of spiritual healing, or who are waiting for a financial breakthrough, or who require spiritual freedom, are more than welcome to participate. Engaging yourself in a Chain of Prayer will help you develop the faith and determination required to overcome your problems. Do you have a problem that does not seem to go away? Do you need a door to open in your life? Do you desire to get your health back? Or maybe you just want peace. No matter what your needs may be – The Chain of Prayer is for you. However, before you start, you will need to pinpoint the biggest problems or obstacles in your life—this is what you will fight for, and focus on, one problem at a time. The day where most of your problems fall under, will be the main day for your prayer. In addition to the main day, participants will need to attend the Wednesday and Sunday morning services. During these services, you will receive steps, practical guidance, and encouragement to help you continue the fight until you see a change in your life, because as humans, we have a tendency to give up when we do not see immediate results. For this reason, each week, the participants will receive one of five stickers to place on their card. By the fifth week, the stickers should spell out the name of Jesus – the One who is walking with you each day of your battle. So have you had ENOUGH of suffering? Do you want to ACHIEVE what you are capable of? If so, start your Chain of Prayer at your nearest UCKG HelpCentre this week!
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