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Pang 彭




About Me

I first met my wife when we both worked in London for a UK charity organization in 1996. Sonia was a graphic designer and I was a young pastor at the time. We became friends, eventually started dating, and soon realised we had many things in common, not only broad topics of interest, but we shared common life goals. Two years later, we tied the knot and got married in the summer of 1998.


Her passion is working with children and studying new languages. My hobbies are writing, reading and sports. Today we are marriage and relationship mentors at an international charity group. We have been advising both singles and couples, and hold talks on love life on a weekly basis. It has been more than 25 years, but we also faced challenging times with adjustment in the beginning of our relationship as any couple does, and we share this with our audience and much more; what we have learned from it so far and what works for us. We are blessed that our work has enabled us to travel and mentor students both in Europe and Asia.

We have also been actively volunteering in global mission work and we're glad we have been able to use much of this experience to help establish a Hong Kong Registered Charity to serve the local community.

Mission Work


The Hague - Netherlands


São Paulo - Brazil


Dublin - Republic of Ireland


Hong Kong - China


London - United Kingdom


Antwerp - Belgium

2019 - Present

Hong Kong - China

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